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Cat Contest - Monthly Photo Competiton With Prizes

Cat Contest Cutest Cat Photo Competition

Do you have the cutest cat ever?

Find out and enter our cat photo contest for a change to win bestselling cat accessories worth up to $200!

To enter, simply fill out the form below and upload a picture of your cat! At the end of the monthly contest, we will determine the winners and reach out to them.

You can scroll past the signup form to find out about the prizes you can win, rules, tips on how you can win and more.


See what you can win every month on the following picture:


Cat Contest Prizes

Contest Details

This is a monthly contest, which means that we assess each contestant's cat and compare it to others of the same month. Accordingly, there are winners every month!

It also means that you can re-enter each month for another chance to win - doesn't matter whether you won the month before or not. Simply participate again with a different picture of your kitty.

After internally rating all the cats, we reach out to every contestant manually and inform them about their placement.

Don't forget: If you didn't win a prize, you can simply participate again next month with a different picture!

How To Win Our Kitty Competition

All cats are beautiful: Therefore, every cat, no matter the age, breed or gender can win. So don’t be afraid to submit your cat - we are sure it’s a cutie!

Now, since we have run contests (i.e. on our Instagram) in the past, we would like to give you some tips that can increase your chance of taking home wonderful prizes:

  • Chose a good photo of your cat: We can recognize the beauty of your cat way more easily when the photo of your cat is high-quality with good lighting.

    This is a tricky thing to achieve sometimes, which is why we thought you may appreciate this quick guide on how to take a great photo of your cat for the competition:


  • Participate every month: Increase your chances of winning by entering the contest every month. Simply snap a different picture of your kitty and re-enter the next month!  
  • Utilize objects: Since all cats are playful and interactive animals, you can use toys or other objects to get a great pose out of your cat.

    For example: Take lots of consecutive pictures of your cat playing with its favorite toy. Look at the funny facial expressions this can cause!

crazy cat playing with toy

  • Be creative: One criterium of a good contest submission is creativity. Doesn’t matter whether you catch your cat in the middle of the air, while it is having a snack or sleeping in a weird position – try to make it special!

Winner Determination

red coon cat with trophy

We have 3 basic criteria that we use to evaluate your submission:

  • Creativity (40%): We want to make the contest fun and challenging! Therefore, we evaluate how creative you were with the photo you sent us. There is no right or wrong here, just as there is no right or wrong in arts.

    Approach the contest with artistic freedom and photograph your cat the way you think is original in order to set yourself apart from others. We can’t wait to see your creativity in practice!
  • Emotion (40%): Every picture triggers a certain kind of emotion in human beings. We would love to see you chose a picture that sets of a spark in every person who sees it.

    Maybe your cat makes faces at the camera and viewers can’t help themselves but laugh. Or your picture showcases your cat snuggling with you in a heartful way and everybody just melts away upon seeing it.

  • Quality (20%): The better-lit and sharper your picture is the better! Of course, this is not a contest for photographers, so regular smartphones definitely take sufficient photos.

    Just make sure your lense is clean and your focus is on point.

Past Contest Winners

cat snuggled up in blanket contest winner cats forming circle contest winner black cat with colorful leaves contest winner desperate cat grabbing door contest winner white cat on snow contest winner small cat cuddling contest winner

Competition Rules

The following rules apply to all contestants and are approved by agreeing to the terms of service for this contest:

  • This contest is open to all people regardless of their race, gender, occupation, age or nationality
  • Accordingly, this contest accepts cats of all breeds, ages and genders
  • We are using internal votes to assess which cat is the cutest in this competition. These votes are final and cannot be changed afterwards.
  • Cash disbursement and/or a refund of the prizes is not possible
  • Recourse to the courts is not permitted
  • Using cats that are not yours (i.e. cats from Instagram) will automatically result in a ban from this and future contests
  • Furthermore, submissions will be considered ineligible if they contain content that is considered threatening, abusive, sexual, racist or insulting
  • All data submitted by participants will be treated in accordance to our privacy policy
  • By entering the competition, you also agree to receive emails regarding the contest and promotional offers from us
  • Prizes must be redeemed within 30 days after they have been handed out. For example: If you win a gift card and you do not use it within this timespan, the card will automatically be deactivated and you will not be able to redeem it anymore.
  • This contest is not sponsored by any of the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or Medium

We want to thank you for participating in our feline beauty competition and if you have any questions, you can always reach out to us via our contact form.

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  • I have a red swirl named Finnegan, he comes to work with me at my grooming shop every day. He was trained specially by me. He does love to the clients dogs by rubbing his head upon them and makes them comfortable while being groomed He gives paw, he walks on a leash, plays fetch, and even takes a bath. Everyone loves Finnegan, he looks like a cat,(because he is) but acts like a dog. He understands everything I say to him, and even talks back to me in his own cat language. He is truly very special. I adopted him at the age of 4months old when a lady was throwing him in the street and I was alerted by a friend. He will be 4 years old just before xmas. He is like my right arm and I love him to death as well as all my clients, humans and dogs

    Annemarie Cardiello

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