Most Expensive Cat Jewelry and Objects de Art Auctioned (Part 2)

Most Expensive Cat Jewelry and Objects de Art Auctioned (Part 2)

Most Expensive Cat Objects de Art and Cat Jewelry Ever Auctioned! (Part 1) Reading Most Expensive Cat Jewelry and Objects de Art Auctioned (Part 2) 3 minutes

Cat related art and jewelry has a long and illustrious history. Cats have always been loved and cherished in all cultures. Artists made cats the centerpiece of their creations, be it a sculpture, a painting, or a beautiful piece of jewelry, or even a poster of a movie! In this part 2 of this series of beautiful objects related to kitty cats, we will see some of the most expensive pieces of jewelry and art depicting or related to cats that were auctioned at very high prices.

Let us start now.


This beautiful Van Cleef and Arpel's 18 Karat gold, turquoise, and onyx winking cat and bird brooch set, sold for USD 12,881 in October 2022. The set comprises of a winking cat in 18 Karat gold with a bushy tail, cute paws, furry head, pointed ears, and whiskers, all in solid 18 Karat Gold. The kitty’s body is made of Onyx, the nose is made of a Ruby, and the one open eye in Emerald. This kitty is worth her price in gold! The accompanying bird is perched on a branch of solid 18 Karat gold, has a body of Turquoise, wings of gold, and eye of clear Diamond and Ruby. Don’t you wish you had the set! 



This gorgeous Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl and Diamond Ring is set with a beautiful cat’s eye Chrysoberyl, surrounded by Diamonds and set in Platinum. It sold for USD 8926.00 in October 2023.


 This unique 1960s Cartier’s cat brooch shows a stylized cat openwork body, pointed cute kitty ears, a bow tie, and almond shaped eyes in sparkling marquise shaped green emeralds, enhancing the allure of this outstanding piece of jewelry. It sold for USD 6416.00 in February 2023.


This painting (oil on panel) titled, ‘Portrait of a young lady holding a cat’, by Antonio d'Ubertino Verdi, called Bachiacca (Florence 1499-1572), shows this beautiful lady in vibrant yellow robe with green and jeweled trimming, wearing a beautiful pearl and citrine necklace, pearl and gold earrings, and a three-string bracelet depicting pairs of fish in green Emerald or Jade, separated by round beads of red Carnelian. The lady had elaborately dressed hair covered in a wrap and a hat. The cat that the lady is holding matches the lady in grace, glamour, and class, with alert eyes and delicately placed paws, one on top of the other in a very feminine manner. The cat and the lady are indeed similar in personality and appearance. Not surprisingly, the painting sold for USD 542,500.00 in January 2013.


This gorgeous circa 1666 oil on panel painting titled “A cat peeping through a fence” by Cornelis Saftleven (Gorichem 1607-1681 Rotterdam) sold for USD 441,600 in May 2005. It shows a beautiful furry kitty with a chubby, chilled, thoughtful face, almond shaped golden-brown eyes, golden-brown ears, a furry white neck, peeping through a gap in solid, patinaed wooden panels. The beauty of this picture is not possible to be explained in words. The expression and the realistic portrayal of the kitty is beyond imagination!

Which one do you like the best? What do you want us to write about? Please leave your comments below! 

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