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Cats vs. Dogs - 7 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

cat and dog staring into camera

Cats and dogs are both cute and lovely, no doubt about that. But there always has been a discussion about which animal is the overall better pet. We, as cat people, clearly stand on the side of cat owners and lovers! This is why we have gathered the ultimate, undisputable reasons why cats are better than dogs (at least from our perspective...). While this is highly subjective, the following article contains some facts that even the craziest dog lovers can barely argument against. Please keep in mind that this article is not meant to be taken 100% seriosly and was written for the sole purpose of fun. This being said, here are the top 7 reasons why cats are better than dogs!

1. Cats are cleaner than dogs

cat cleaning itself
It doesn't matter whether your cat is going outdoors regularly or likes to stay inside: Cats take care about their hygiene. In fact, while most of the dogs require regular cleaning by their human, cats are basically self-cleaning. On top of that, if your cat is not particularly a fighter, you don't even have to bother with its claws, as they scratch them from time to time to stop them from growing too much.

However, when it comes to dogs, you should seriosly prepare yourself for quite some work! Without a helping hand of their humans, dogs never reach the hygiene of cats. Be it fleas, bacteria or just some mud: Because dogs almost never clean themselves by licking their furr, they are highly susceptible to these aspects of dirt. 

In conclusion: Cat owners barely have to spend any time to clean their cats, because these cute fluffballs do it all on their own. When comparing the hygiene of dogs and cats, there really isn't any argument in favor of the dogs....Sorry dog owners! 


2. Cats are more independent than dogs

kitty playing with itself
Planing for a vacation? That's great! But wait...did you consider your dog? Prepare yourself for some serios dog-sitter costs if you don't have a really (reeeaaally) good friend who is willing to spend a few hours a day just on taking care of your dog. If you don't want your dog to do its busines in your house and become depressed, you need somebody to look after him at least 3 times a day for half an hour.

Cats on the other hand are way easier to handle when it comes to going on a vacation. They never do their business within their territory, so you won't have to worry about poo-poo on your floor or even your garden when returning from your trip. Furthermore, with a simple kitty door installed in your house, your cat can roam around the streets and go fetch some mice or birds as it pleases - no problem! Oh and don't worry about feeding your little cutie: There are numerous automatic food dispensers out there that solve this issue for you in a cheap, clean and comfortable way! So the only thing you really need to worry about, is that your cat may miss you while you are gone


3. Dogs are rarely accepted by landlords

man with refusing gesture
Have you ever looked for apartements to rent on the internet? If you have, I am sure you found that at least half of the landlords don't accept dogs. While this is not easy for dog owners to handle, we can understand the landlord's perspective: Although cute and lovely, dogs are also noisy, dirty and smelly. If you are out of town for 6 months and want to rent your place to make some money, would you want the apartment to be smelly afterwards? That's right, we thought so.

In contrast, cats are way more often accepted by landlords. Their silent and hygienic nature makes them the perfect renter! 


4. Cats are quiet

two sleeping kitties
Look at these tiny kittens, do you think they could wake you up in the night? Alright, when they grow up, they actually can...point given. But we don't think that there is much room for argument when it comes to how noisy dogs can be compared to cats. Have you ever witnissed how loud dogs can bark or even howl? Well if not, consider yourself lucky because it's not a fun experience. While cats also can meow pretty loudly, it's not just a random noise they make. In fact, your cat meowing loudly over and over again is a pretty good indicator that there is something seriosly wrong with it! So instead of dogs randomly barking because the postman is coming, your cat will only meow loudly if it is in serios need for help! 


5. Dogs can't purr

cat enjoing a massage by human hands
Cat owners can all agree on one thing: Hearing a warm, heartful purr of your cat can make your heart melt. Here at KittySensations, we go even further and say: The purr of a cat is the most beautiful, calming sound in the whole animal kingdom! Do you want to argue with that? If yes, then you are propably not a cat owner...

We know dogs can also make beautiful sounds and maybe our stance on purrs is a bit exaggerated but that's just how we cat lovers see things. 


6. Cats are fancier than dogs

white cat looking into camera
When it comes to being fancy, cats are the absolute masters! If cats were humans, they probably would be extremely rich. Jokes aside, if one were to describe how cats walk and behave with one word, we don't think it would be false to say: Graceful. 

Dogs on the other hand don't act or walk gracefully at all. In fact, when thinking about our metaphor, we would like to add that dogs would probably serve cats their drinks... 


7. Cats have their own opinion

Dogs come across like they are happy all the time. This can be super beautiful and we love dog smiles just like everybody else! However, we value that cats have their own, independent opinion on things. They are not puppets who laugh and smile at everyone and everything. Cats feel free to like and dislike whatever they want. Ever tried to change your cats' diet? The second you are pouring that food into the food bowl your cat will stare at you like: 'Human... I am not having that'. 

By the way, when it comes to cats liking stuff: Our cat themed jewelry has been tested and approved not only by hundreds of cat lovers, but also by our fluffy furr-friends themselves!

white cat playing with human wearing a cat bracelet
Thank you Zappa the cat, we love seeing you happy with the bracelet. By the way, if you like this feline accessory aswell, you can take a look at it here and save $20 for the next 24 hours!


This wraps up our article for today. To be honest, we don't really think any animal is superior to any other animal, we just wanted to fool around with our love for cats a bit...

We hope you had fun reading the article and if you want, you can check out our other articles for more cat related stories!


Until next time.



Credit to Pierre Vorpuni for the first picture!


  • I agree.
    Btw,I like cats but not other animals=|…
    My mom’s maid’s friend had a dog and comes to my house. After they left, there will be a huge puddle of saliva around the house floor….and sometimes members of my family might step on it.
    And it is disgusting. But why I like cats is because they are controllable of their manners. I thank God that I at least made one cat friend. And why I dislike other animals is because one time, I was halfway making friends with a cat when three monkeys chased the cat away.(and dogs ARE greedy for food like I wan tis 🥓I wan tat 🌭gimme that hoomans. Cats are nut like that) Thats why to me ,cats are better than dogs.

  • Cats are so much more intelligent and are able to sense human emotions. Dogs only think of food, mmmm Dohnut’s 🍩 oh look I’ve broken my leg and can’t move… mmmm give me Dohnut’s , oh look theirs a burglar in the garden mmmm give me Dohnut’s, oh look how happy he is too see you (woof woof..“give me a Donut”)…

    Kevin Perkins
  • Well I agree with you, I currently have 3 cats I had 6 my boyfriend said we should give away 3 because our space is to little and I had to only to realise that he wanted space for he’s dog, he felt like no one paid attention to he’s dog well I agree our place is 3 bed room house with a patio, but he’s dog pees in all the house carpets he doesn’t close the other bedroom doors he let’s he’s dog sleep on our bed which I’m okay with because my cats sleep on the bed but he don’t wash the dog, this dog is so huge a pit bull staffy, hes dog sneezes on he face he still does nothing and when I say I’m done I’m leaving he’s suicidal, well I prefer cats than dogs, dogs are dirty, they take extra amount of space when they smile they leave saliva everywhere, they are cute and all that but nope, rather have a cat that uses its litter than a dog that pees in 3 different spots of the house and poos in the lounge despite that news papers layed on the floor, she and the cats love each other alot they play together all good but she don’t wake us up instead she goes downstairs and do her shit and move to another spot, sorry I know I’m venting out

    Mirah Corazon JoseAntonio
  • it was very helpful i really needed this for my opinion writing . thank you

  • I agree with you.
    Idk why cats are always the bad guys. “They kill birds.” They say. DOGS KILL BIRDS SOMETIMES BUT THEY USUALLY MISS BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT AS INTELLIGENT. “They kill mice.” Dogs kill everything they can. “They meow too much.” Okay,now you aren’t making any sense. “Cats aren’t as loyal as dogs.” Cats: Leave them for too long and come back: YYYYAYAAAYYYY!
    Dogs: Sits there until they lick your mouth*


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