kittysensations best price guarantee


Since we are not working with warehouses, distributors and logistic centers, but shipping directly to you, our delivery times can vary more then you may be used to. If you are willing to compromise a few days of shipping, you can soon enjoy hand-crafted cat themed jewelry at affordable prices!
On top of that, all our pieces are made-to-order. This means that once your order has been processed, we will start the production of your pieces and then ship them out. 


**Special note: Our production team is on Holiday from the 15th of January '20 to the 25th. Orders placed around those days will be manufactured afterwards. Thank you for your patience**

USA & Canada

1-3 weeks


2-3 weeks

Western European Countries (i.e. Germany, France, Austria etc.)

2-3 weeks

Northern European Countries (i.e. Sweden, Norway, Finland etc.)

2-3 weeks

Eastern European Countries (i.e. Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia)

2-4 weeks

Middle East

2-4 weeks

South East Asia

2-3 weeks

Australia & New Zealand

2-3 weeks


4-6 weeks

Central America

2-4 weeks

South America

2-4 weeks


Personalized Accessories

~ 5 business days

Non-Personalized Accessories

~ 1-2 business days


The above times are estimates. Sometimes there may be delays due to the shipping carrier or international customs sorting, which can result in a shipping time of up to 35 days.

Please refer to our FAQs for a more answers regarding shipment, order tracking and your delivery status. You can also track your order on this page.