Hey let me introduce myself and Cleo!


I am Emilia, 31 Years old and originally from Montana. I studied Arts at the University Of Montana and later did my Masters in Jewelry Design at the European Institute of Design in Rome. I spent all this time with my bestie "Cleo", my favorite living being on this world! I got her when I was 23 and since then she has been the best cat one could ever imagine. My favorite thing to do is grab a book, a warm tee and snuggle with her while reading. The purring she does when I pet her on the back is the sweetest thing in the world, believe me! 

After I returned from Rome (with Cleo of course) I started working in a local Jewelry Shop as a Designer. I loved the work, but because of the working hours I barely got to spend time with Cleo. It was almost like we got separated.

After 2 years of working there and only seeing my girl in the morning and the evening, I decided I needed a change. On a small roadtrip with Cleo in 2013, I got the idea of creating cat-based Jewelry, combining the two things I love the most in life: Cleo and Jewelry.

Since then my life has been an absolute rollercoaster: At the beginning nobody thought it was a good idea and that I needed to "grow up" and "get a real job". In 2014 Cleo got a stomach infection and was fighting for her life, barely surviving after 2 weeks in the hospital. I thought her surviving the battle and staying with me was the ultimate sign that I needed to go on with my passion and pursuing my dream of creating original and unique art and bringing myself into the world with my skills and passion, while also staying in touch with myself and Cleo. 

In 2016 I finally managed to release my first collection and the results were overwhelming! Cat lovers all over the world loved my work and encouraged me to keep going and extend my collection. Since then I have released over 50 new pieces and currently I am working hard on releasing a new gemstone collection.

Throughout 2016 I gathered some incredible team members around me who share my passion for cats and jewelry. I am so thankful for our amazing little group of 5! We are constantly reflecting over the company and its direction together, always making sure we are heading the right way. I never thought it would be possible to have such a loving work environment and I am nothing but happy about the KittySensations team. 

This is my story and how the KittySensations team got together. I want to thank you for being here, being part of my dream and I hope you love what I am doing just as much as I do 😸