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Adorable! 17 Cats With Thumbs (Image Collage)

17 adorable cats with thumbs blog post image

Have you ever heard of polydactyl cats? I am sure you have!

These cats grow additional thumbs on their paws, causing them to have a higher number of toes than usual. 

So, what's up with them?

To put it short: They are incredibly cute! These little sweethearts look so adorable with their additional toes!

And because we are such huge fans of those kitties, we searched the internet to put together an epic collage.

Brace yourself for the cutest collage of polydactyl cats ever!


cute polydactyl kitten


adorable cat showing her thumbs


white polydactyl cat checking smartphone


kitty with thumbs

personalized cat jewelry by kittysensations


beautiful kitty with many toes


white polydactyl cat in car


ginger cat showing her thumbs


fat polydactyl cat standing up


cute kitty with extra toe on paw

cat jewelry banner


gray cat with thumbs on paws sleeping


adorable poldactyl cat outdoors


cute cat with additional thumbs on sofa


black cat with thumbs standing on floor


ginger cat showing thumb on paw

cat paw bracelet collage


gray kitty with additional toes


adorable polydactyl tabby cat on cat tree


ginger cat with extra toes sitting on chair

I hope we could convince you how cute those cats are! 

Fun fact: Polydactyl cats were Ernest Hemingway's favorite felines! He often expressed how much he adored them and that he preferred them over 'normal' cats. Pretty cool, right?

Which image did you like the most? Let us know in the comments!

Also, if you enjoyed the collage, make sure to share it around with your friends!

Have fun reading our other cat blog posts and see you next time ❤️

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  • We have a young male ginger tabby that sucks on his thumb. I didn’t realize he had the extra digit until I heard him sucking on it. He has almost outgrown the “thumb sucking” phase but was really cute.

    Maxine Darcey

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