Why Do Cats Have Different Eye Colors?

Why Do Cats Have Different Eye Colors?

Beautiful, Colorful Cat Eyes

We admire our furry friends, their soft ears, their gentle paws, their thick fur, their cute whiskers, and their shining, reflective, clear, innocent, intelligent eyes :)

Cats’ eyes can see in very little light, but not in complete darkness. Cat pupils react very quickly to a change in light conditions and hence, as compared to human beings, they can better and more quickly adjust to sudden changes in light levels.

Not only are their eyes beautiful, clear, pure, and trusting, but they are also very functional for the cats. We love our cats completely, and we that love in their kind eyes and their soft purrs :)

But cat eyes are interesting in other ways also, namely, the colors of their eyes. Cats have very interesting eye colors due to differences in melanin distribution. Some cats two-colored eyes, i.e., one eye has one color and another has a different color. In such cases, one eye is usually blue. Some cats even have two different colors in one eye, one half is blue and the other half of the same eye is a different color!

Let us see some of the beautiful colors of cat eyes:

1. Deep Glass Green Kitty Eyes

Cat with deep, reflective, large, sea green eyes; cutest cat

Some other kitties, instead of brownish-orangish eyes, develop deep glass green eyes, once melanin is distributed in their irises, like the kitty above who has eyes like glass marbles in reflective green :) Isn’t it fun matching the kitty collar with the kitty eyes for that beautiful, stylish look?

2. Sea Green Kitty Eyes

Cat with calm, green, jade green eyes

Free Brown and Black Tabby Cat on Cat Cave Stock Photo

Don’t you love these adorable sea green kitty eyes!

Do they not make you feel the warm coolness of a calm sea with deep treasures of kitty love and friendship? Some kitties deeper and unusual colored eyes like the kitty above with calming jade green eyes:) You can take this calming green color and your cat with you with these beautiful Jade Cat Earrings.

3. Golden Yellow Kitty Eyes

Cutest cat with deep golden yellow and green eyes

Free Close Up Photography of White and Black Cat Stock Photo

Some kitties have eyes that look like molten, sunny gold, that can melt your heart in an instant, just like the kitties in the picture above :) You can carry this look with you all day long with these yellow crystal cat set drop earrings and pendant necklace in solid sterling silver.

4. Usual Brownish Kitty Eyes

Cat resting furry paws on chair back, beautiful, clear, large brown eyes

Most cat eyes are brownish, orangish, earthy blue or greenish.

These usual-colored eyes are extremely beautiful and innocent in our kitties :) A cat does not have to be unusual to look lovely – a cat is cute and lovely no matter what color eyes s/he has!

5. Deep Clear Blue Kitty Eyes

 kitten with large, deep blue eyes

Kittens are born with blue eyes because there is no pigment at birth. However, within a few weeks of their life, melanin is produced, distributed in kitty irises and the kitten eyes change colors. It happens between 8 and 12 weeks of a kitten’s life. However, some kittens only deepen their blue in their huge, beautiful, friendly eyes, making them look like deep pools of clear, pure, glacier water that makes you want to just pet and cuddle them, like in the kitten above :) and the kitty below :)

 siamese cat with large deep blue eyes

You can wear this beautiful feline look too in this clear blue, natural Topaz cat necklace.

Two-Colored Cat Eyes

Some kitties have two-colored eyes, which is called heterochromia. Usually one eye is blue, and another is green, yellow, or brown. It happens mostly in white cats or cats with some white, whose melanin is not distributed uniformly in their bodies.

1. Pink and Blue eyes

 kitty cat with deep pink and blue two colored odd colored eyes

Some cats have two colored eyes! One big, beautiful eye has one color and the other cute, big eye has another color. Pink eyes are however very rare and they look very cute in cats. The kitty above has one eye that is pink and another that is sea blue (green-grayish-blue)  This pressed flower cat shaped necklace too immortalize this cutest cat look.

2. Green and Yellow Eyes

cute cat with one green and one yellow eye, two colored eyes, odd colored eyes

The cute kitty above has one eye in deep sea green and another in yellow with speckles of green :)

Typically, cats with two colored eyes have one eye that is blue and another with another color, usually green, brown, or yellow. Very few kitties have two colored eyes when none of the eyes is blue, like in the kitty above :). Also, very few kitties have two colored eyes in two different shades of that color, like the kitty above.

3. Yellow and Blue Eyes

cute cat with one yellow and one blue eye, two colored eyes, odd colored eyes

cutest cat with one yellow and one blue eye, two colored eyes, odd colored eyes

The kitty above has one eye that is yellow and another that is snow blue in color. It too looks adorable

4. Brown and Blue Eyes

cutest cat with one brown and one blue colored eye, two colored eyes, odd colored cat eyes

Some kitties have one eye that is brown in color and another eye in deep blue color, like in the kitty above  This gold colored happy, comfy cat bracelet captures this look of sunny comfiness.

5. Green and Blue Eyes

cutest cat with one green and one blue colored eye, two colored cat eyes, odd colored cat eyes

Many two-colored cat eyes are arranged so that one is yellow-green and another deep blue, like in the kitty above


Some breeds of cats are more likely to have two colored eyes than others, these include:

  • Japanese bobtails
  • Khao Manee
  • Oriental Shorthair
  • Persian
  • Sphynx
  • Turkish angoras
  • Turkish vans


Two colors of cat eyes are due to a rare condition called heterochromia. Each eye has a different color, making our cats look as adorable as ever. Even humans and dogs sometimes have heterochromia. If a cat has heterochromia, then melanin is only distributed in one iris, leaving the other blue. However, it has no impact on their vision. It is possible that white cats with one or two blue eyes may develop deafness, but this is not the case with non-white cats. The deafness appears in the ear on the side of the blue eye. However, it is not necessary that deafness appears in two-colored cats, you can sleep well, your cat will be fine 

You can also get this natural multi-colored, jeweled kitty look in these multicolor fine jewelry cat paw earrings and the two colors can also be taken everywhere when you get this cat spiral ring in two colors, which shows how your cat has you wrapped around their tiny, soft pads

Thank you so much for scrolling through all of these beautiful feline images and information, and let me know in the comments which one you liked most!

Have a wonderfully kitty day, pawy pawy 🐾 

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