Natural Obsidian Cat Bracelet - Adjustable Size ($51.99): Natural Obsidian Cat Bracelet - Adjustable Size ($51.99): Natural Obsidian Cat Bracelet - Adjustable Size ($51.99): Natural Obsidian Cat Bracelet - Adjustable Size ($51.99): Natural Obsidian Cat Bracelet - Adjustable Size ($51.99): Natural Obsidian Cat Bracelet - Adjustable Size ($51.99):

Natural Obsidian Cat Bracelet - Adjustable Size

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This absolutely gorgeous, luxury, delicate, and stylish Natural Black Obsidian Cat Bracelet - Adjustable Size is made with the highest quality natural volcanic Obsidian and is a must have for all cat loving ladies:)
A black kitty bracelet is a must have for all cat loving ladies - but who knew that such bracelet could be so very luxurious and so very gorgeous! 

This absolutely pristine, gorgeous, luxurious, beautiful, fashionable, stylish, delicate, and chic kitty bracelet shows the face of a cute kitty in high quality Natural Obsidian, perfectly polished to bring out the textures, optical layers, and depths of Natural Black Obsidian which sometimes have blue, purple, deep red, or gray lights! (Please see pictures). 

The kitty face is adorned with two cute kitty ears, also made of the same high quality Natural Obsidian.

On either side of the kitty face are 8 millimeters (diameter) polished beads in the same Natural Obsidian, which form the whole of the beaded kitty bracelet. 

It is simple, yet not simplistic. It is glamorous and understated. It is perfect for a formal dinner, special occasions and Holidays. It looks far more expensive than its price tag. You can also wear it to work or school or your tea/coffee with your neighbors, friends, and family.

It is one of the most stylish and fashionable kitty bracelets our stylists have seen and they cannot stop gushing about it. 

The beads are put together in a strand which has some elasticity about it. Hence this bracelet is adjustable in size and can fit most wrist sizes.

Wearing it will give make you feel close to your kitty all day long and the feeling of peace that you get with your kitty around you :)

Celebrate your love for cats with this lovely Natural Obsidian Cat Bracelet - Adjustable Size.

This high quality, durable bracelet can be a perfect gift to your cat loving loved ones too! They will love and enjoy it for a long time! 

Please note that since this bracelet is made from Natural Obsidian, hence each piece is completely unique and no two pieces will be exactly alike. Some Obsidian stones will have purple lights, others might have blue or black or gray or some other colored lights and layers. But no two will be perfectly alike. 

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  • Natural Obsidian 
  • Perfectly polished
  • Extremely high quality
  • Adjustable size
  • Water and scratch resistant for lifelong wear
  • Lead Free
  • Nickel Free
  • Cadmium Free
  • Flexible in its size - One-Size-Fits-All
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee + 10-year product warranty
  • Complimentary worldwide shipping and returns