5 Gifts Every Cat Person Will Love for Christmas

5 Gifts Every Cat Person Will Love for Christmas

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This is it, Cat Lovers! Christmas is just around the corner and with it the ultimate question raises again: What do I gift the ones I love? Well if you are like us, you and your closest ones are super in love with cats. This is why we have gathered together to bring you the ultimate gift guide for cat lovers! The following 5 gift suggestions are a guaranteed hit for every cat person - trust us, we would love to get one of those!

1. Everybody loves wine, even cats

white cat sniffing on empty whine glass kittysensations

Wine for christmas? How boring is tha- wait! Hear us out: Just gifting a bottle of wine is boring, absolutely. But have you heard of Cat Wine? It is a catnip-infused, fully organic, non-alcoholic treat every cat will absolutely love! This Pinot Cat Wine set is super cute, healthy and a great gifting idea for every person who has cats - or even for your own cat! 

When gifting to your loved one and his or her cat(s), you can combine those with a bottle of human wine to treat him or her with a beautiful, cozy wine evening. Creating a small basket for the bottles and mixing it up with some christmas decoration gives it a finishing touch. For tips on how to make and decorate the basket, you can read through this guide.


2. Cat Jewelry is the New Trend

Everybody loves Jewelry. And people who love their cats will absolutely adore cat themed jewelry. Here at KittySensations, we are proud to have a clean 100% satisfaction rate of all our customers. Our secret? It's simple: Handcrafting every piece of cat jewelry for all you cat lovers out there, making them unique timepieces to wear for the rest of your life.

Now, for christmas, if you know somebody who loves cats, this is the perfect opportunity to treat them with a beautiful, shining cat companion. Shop now and use 'CATLOVE15' for an additional 15% off the already discounted prices!


3. Cat Christmas Sweaters are a Thing

red cat christmas sweater kittysensations

Christmas sweaters are legends on their own. I got one for christmas when I was 10 and I can remember how I couldn't decide whether to laugh or to cry. Luckily, my family was just pranking me with it and gifted me a doll shortly afterwards. But you know what everybody else in the room did? The laughed in hysteria. It was one of the funniest moments of our christmas time and certainly that's what christmas is all about: Getting together and having a great time. So if you want to gift everybody a laugh and a great time for christmas, gift these cat christmas sweaters. They are a certain hit!


4. Cute Cat Slippers


cat slippers for christmas kittysensations

Christmas time is the time when it's getting cold outside - at least for most of the countries. Now as they saying goes: "I like the cold, but I don't like being cold", nobody likes to be cold, especially in those days. Christmas time is when you snuggle up in cozy, thick cloths and enjoy a hot chocolate in front of the TV or even a fire. Now to make that come true, warm slippers are an absolute must! With these fluffballs, you are treating your cat lover friends with super comfy and cute cat themed slippers. Everybody who adores cats will instantly fall in love with these cuties.


5. Cat Ear Warmers

black cat ear warmers worn by woman kittysensations

Although it is way more comfortable in front of the TV, all snuggled up, there are times where one has to go out during winter times. Now if you or your friend loves cats, then these cat ear warmers are perfect for that! Giving you all around warmth for your ears is now more fashionable than ever. Treat yourself or a friend with this cute way of staying warm while showing your love for cats. 


These are our 5 favorite cat themed gifts for christmas. We hope to have helped you out with the every-returning struggle of what to gift your friends on christmas. If you would like to read more cat lifestyle advices, news and more, you can click here to check out our other articles.
Thank you for reading and untill next time!


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