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The 5 Most Famous Cats On The Internet


Cats are incredibly popular on the internet. Here we are showing you the 5 most famous cats currently on the internet. Some of them are so famous, they even leave celebreties behind in terms of followers on social media!


1. Lil Bub

You propably recognized him on the title page. It's "Lil Bub", ladies and gentleman! It's a celebrity cat known for his unique appearance. She was born with several genetic mutations and therefore has a this super cute, unusual look. Her tongue always hangs out, which is just the most adorable thing ever! Lil Bub even has her own Wikipedia Page!
Lil Bub meanwhile has over 2 million followers on the internet and even got to meet celebreties like Robert De Niro.

What a cutie! 
Facebook of Lil Bub


2. Grumpy Cat

The grumpiest cat you have ever seen! "Grumpy Cat" was an incredibly popular cat internet celebrity until she sadly passed away in May 2019. She was known for her permanently "grumpy" facial appearance, which was caused by an underbite and feline dwarfism. She came to prominence in November 2012, when a photo of her was posted on Reddit. She was the subject of a very popular internet meme, which I think we all know! Here is a lil' example of a typical grumpy cat meme:

Despite her grumpy appearance, she was actually a super cute and friendly cat who loved snuggles! Just as Lil Bub, Grumpy Cat was so famous, she has her own Wikipedia Page where you can read everything about her!

Facebook of Grumpy Cat

cat necklace modeled after your cat

3. Venus, the two-faced Kitten

Experts are unsure about how Venus the Cat got such a striking coloration! It is even speculated that she has two different DNA sets on each side of her body, which sounds super interesting, doesn't it? Anyway, no matter her biological background, she is absolutely gorgeous. 

Facebook of Venus

4. Maru the cat: The master of boxes

Maru is a male scotish fold cat, who lives in Japan. Apparantly, Maru is super in love with boxes! Well to be honest, propably all cats are...but his owner focused on delivering pictures to the internet of Maru playing with boxes - which made him super famous! 

Facebook of Maru


5. Sam, the cat that has eyebrows

Meet Sam, the cat with eyebrows! Black markings over his eyes make the cat look as if he has eyebrows going through the roof. Sam’s pictures went viral instantly, and he now has his own instagram page with over 250.000 followers!

That's it cat lovers! I hope you enjoyed our picks for the most famous cats on the internet. Here at KittySensations, we are not only writing about our Cat Jewelry, we talk about everything cat related. So if you want, stick around and scroll through our other blog posts!




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  • I have often wondered if I made the right decision or not in this world until I seen Lil Bub on Netflix. Now I now know that there is more good in the world. Thank you Bubs! You brought great tears of joy to me and you have reinforced why the internet exists…

    Grant Latendresse
  • cats r AMAZING

    : )
  • ii love cats!!


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