Regal Kitty - Putting Best Foot Forward

Regal Kitty - Putting Best Foot Forward

Kitties were highly revered in many parts of the world. Cats were worshipped and revered in ancient Egypt. Cats were symbols of divine in ancient Egypt. Cats were thought of as bringing luck to the people. 

With regal cats like the one in the picture above, one cannot help but think of them as ruling our hearts and having us wrapped around their furry paws, like this beautiful ring, available in two beautiful colored crystal settings: Crystal Face Spiral Cat Ring in Solid 925 Sterling Silver

This regal, beautiful, precious stone bracelet perfectly captures the high status that our cats enjoy in our hearts: Natural Obsidian Cat Bracelet - Adjustable Size

Cats were loved and revered in ancient Egyptian household as they brought luck to the family. But they also brought fortune to their families in a more direct manner. Egyptians went through cycles of famines and abundance. They stored their grains in times of abundance. Their stored grains were always at risk of being stolen by the mice and rats. The house kitties effectively protected the family's grain supplies and ensured their food security by eating and chasing away the thief mice and rats! 

Cats were mummified and preserved for eternity. People in ancient Egypt shaved their eyebrows in mourning for their kitties! 

Cats keep themselves naturally clean, prim, proper, and perfectly groomed - are they regal or are they regal? Please let us know in the comments section below :) 

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